We are in continuous pursuit of helping our clients succeed using on-target design – design that not only creates visual appeal, but design that converts. Design that makes your brand memorable. Design that works.

Whether we start at the drawing board or rework existing content, we will explore, evaluate, and reassemble it to help you communicate a positive experience to your audience – in the best possible way.

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In our digital era, design sits at the core of all brand experiences. Great design not only creates visual appeal, it makes your brand memorable and converts.
— Harpoon Design Group


From brand strategy, graphic design, advertising campaigns, website development, to digital asset creation and management, your marketing team has an ever-growing list of responsibilities.

One of the simplest ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing team is to delegate some of the workload. This is the case for a growing number of small to medium businesses that don’t have the resources to maintain a large marketing team.

With design, marketing, and digital support from Harpoon Design Group, our clients receive a strategic and focused approach, unparalleled professionally designed work, and access to proven marketing, digital, and design guidance in an ever-changing market.


  • Work with specialists without incurring the expense of a full-time team member
  • Fill in skill gaps within your team or when team members take a leave of absence
  • Collaborate to create new ideas and offer a fresh perspective while building on your brand history
  • Elevate your brand with consistent and credible messaging using our professional design resources
  • Scale up the capacity of your team and start working toward your business goals

Our goal is to help you generate a productive and lasting customer response, and ultimately, creating a loyal and satisfied consumer base, promoting business growth.

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Driven by a devotion for serving others, a passion for design and marketing, and undying love of the open water, Rafael De La Cruz founded Harpoon Design Group in early 2017. During his 18 years of design and marketing experience in corporate and agency environments, it was always his dream to establish his own agency and begin to help others build on their dreams.  

A fourth-generation native Texan, Rafael originally hails from San Antonio but spent the majority of his life growing up in the Lovefield/Bluffview area of Dallas. After attending technical school for graphic illustration, he began his career working for one of the largest dental rotary manufacturers in the industry while attending Northlake College. From there, many doors were opened and many great relationships were made. 

As his career advanced, Rafael used his brand design and development expertise to help launch and support some of the largest manufacturing brands on the market. He has also supported brand, dealer, and home center marketing groups, creatively strategized the execution and organization of thousands of print and digital assets, directed brand and product photography, and vetted and led teams of solid designers. 

Rafael is also the Membership Director for the Rockwall Brewers Association (click here to join!) and enjoys testing and honing his home-brewing skills. And as an active Tennessee Squire, he appreciates finishing a long day on a sun-set patio with a Gentleman Jack in hand. 

Rafael currently resides in Rockwall, Texas with his beautiful wife and loving family. He is a lover of life and a giver of heart, with many interesting stories that he now and then shares.


We are an independent, full service, branding design agency that takes a strategic, focused, and entirely original approach. We employ unparalleled, on-target design to meet our clients' needs. We understand the challenges and pursuit of creating a product or idea and launching it to market.